Skeme Richards :: Music, Art & Geekery


This is why I love my city, I can randomly run into living legends. Although I have to give it to my girl LoRock for introducing me to Skeme Richards when he was over here, hosting the monthly Legends party at Paradiso. Not only do I love this guy for his knowledge of music, he is now baptised as my new best friend for sharing my love for geekery. It’s always great to be able to bug out with someone and have passionate conversations about topics other people would write me off for. This interview has to be one of the coolest interviews I have ever done, and I have done a lot of interviews.

I threw Skeme some words and he tossed back some interesting thoughts on them. We talk about music, art, blaxploitation, food and more. Skeme lets us know he would vote for Hilary Clinton, why he feels he is a genius, expresses his opinion about internet trends and thinks penguins may walk like they do, because they may be dancing to James Brown. I got mad love for this guy!
[Even after he picked Aliens over Predators. ;)]