Sean Price interview

– How was the performance here in Amsterdam?
That was great. I was high as hell but it was great. I enjoyed the show, I enjoy Amsterdam, I enjoy traveling, I enjoy touring.

– Let’s go back to Monkey Barz. What was your mindstate after that, cause it was pretty big underground.
I was anxious to make album 2. Let people know I aint no temporary solo artist, so me and Rock got our shit together. I wanted to solidify myself so I was ready to make album number 2. I was just ready to work harder.

– Is there a difference between you being a solo artist and you being part of the Clik?
I mean I’m always Boot Camp, I’m Boot Camp Clik wherever I go, when I’m by myself or not, you know what I mean. There aint no big difference in that. But there is a difference between Sean Price and Ruck. I think Sean Price is more mature, handles his business, is more responsible as a man period. So that reflects in the work.

– So your album Jesus Price Supastar is more mature?
Nah it’s more ignorant. It’s more ignorant than ever. I’m just saying me as a man, as far as my work ethic and everything, that’s the difference. My music…it’s like Monkey Barz, but only on steroids, my first album is like Barry Bonds* when he was on the Pirates, with the chicken wing arm and all that and then you know, Jesus Price is Barry Bonds right now, San Francisco knocking him out the park.

– How was working with the JustusLeague?
They mad cool man. I went down south, to North Carolina to do the album. That was the mission to go out there and bang out an album. I was in North Carolina, got no family there, well I do got some family but I didn’t even get to connect with them. I just went out there, got a hotel, they picked me up in the morning to go to the studio. I would do two or three songs a day, go back to the hotel and that was it. I didn’t even smoke that much. Their studio (Chop Shop) is connected to a church so I couldn’t even smoke that much. So what you hear is me sober.

– How did you link up with those guys?
We did a show one time a couple of years ago in North Carolina, at a spot called Cat’s Cradle and they came to the show, 9th was like “Yo you need to come down here and check some of these beats.” And I remember he was in his jeep and he was playing Heartburn and we were like, yeah we coming back down here. So we set it up and went back down there, we did a week in North Carolina and a week in Virginia to chill with Nottz and them.

– It’s not just the producers, you also have collaborations with Phonte and Chaundon on there. Was it the natural thing to do after you had hooked up with all of them, to put them on the album too?
I had Joe Scudda on the album and I had Pooh on the album but I didn’t wanna overdo it with the JustusLeague, I mean I am Boot Camp. So I took them two off, not that their rhymes were corny, the shit is banging but I just didn’t wanna overdo it. Chaundon, the song we did, we were making fun of me, when we were listening to my albums, in the middle of a sentence I would stop and be like “Listen” and he said “Why you always do that?” and we did a song called “Listen to me” like we making fun of what happened at work. The song with Phonte, I just wanted him on the album cause he NICE. And he put it down man, that was a challenge right there and I like a challenge.

– The name of the album. It has “Jesus” in it, then you have a song called “Da God” and “Church”, does the album have a religious aspect to it?
No. It’s just the people man. A while back people would say God freely out their mouth like “Yo waddup God”, we just called each other God, it’s almost like a slang really, from around the way. As far as Church, I did that song with a choir, so it felt like I got the loud mouth choir, this is Church right here.

– Are you a religious person?
I study Islam

– On the album, I hear you speak about Wu-Tang. Is there a comparison? What is the difference between Boot Camp and other clicks?
They sell more than us that’s about it. Haha. I wasn’t dissin’ them on the record. I got wild love for Wu Tang. When I was on tour, Ghostface, he helped me get money. I would never diss them you know what I mean. It was just a funny line like I said “Wu Tang clan, nuthing to fuck with/Boot Camp aint nuthin to Wu Tang/” nah I mean? I didn’t diss ‘em. It was just nice wordplay. It’s so ill you might think I diss them but if you really listen, I’m not dissin’ them.

– Yeah it was nice wordplay but it had people think more like “What IS he saying?
Exactly. What is he saying? I aint really saying nothing.

– You really ain’t saying anyting.
Exactly exactly!

– I actually read about that in an interview you did right before you came to Europe, that you explain that as well.
Yeah it makes no sense but it sounds good haha.

– What’s up with the song P-Body? Is that the same way? It’s not really saying anything, or does it actually have a meaning?
P-Body. You know what? Every superhero got theme music you know what I mean? That’s my theme song. Every morning when I wake up, I go outside, my son is behind me with a radio and I say lets go, and he presses play and that’s when you hear P-Body when we walk down the street, that’s my theme music.

– The family life vs touring. Is it hard?
Nah they understand, I get support, my kids understand that’s how daddy gets money, so on that note I go.

– “Being the brokest rapper alive”?
No more. I get money. I can live with the quote, that’s where I came from, every time at a show, some kid be like “Yo Ruck, I’m the brokest rapper.” I be like “You know what, you are.” Haha. You can have that, nobody wants to be that. It was a temporary title, trust me.

– In light of Nas’ HipHop is dead, how do you feel about the way NYC is acting as far as bringing HipHop back?
You know what, I don’t know, I don’t care. I don’t give a fuck about bringing that NY shit back. I don’t think HipHop is dead, that’s what Nas felt. He is a grown man, if that’s what he felt, he can say what he wanna say. I don’t think it’s dead, not at all. And as far as that bring NY back, I don’t give a fuck about that shit man. You wanna get NY back? Get busy, stop talking about bringing NY back, let’s get busy like me. I’m busy, I am already in from NY, this is me right here. If you wanna say “You bringing NY back?” that’s for you to say, I’m just getting busy, I don’t care about that shit. At all.

– What else you got in store for the future?
I got the new Heltah Skeltah album, which me and Rock working on. Got my boy out Detroit, Guilty Simpson, me and him doing an album together, produced entirely by my man Black Milk. So look out, working hardest to the hardest working. And then I’ll be in the studio doing album 3.