GLC Interview

Pay is back in the Dam! My time in Atlanta was FRESH! With an extra special shout out to 4IZE for being the best host one can have. Now as most of you know, I filmed a lot of dope artists, fresh producers and all kind of other people and situations. It will all be put together in a documentary I’d like to call “From the A to the A.” Seeing how it’s going to take me a good minute before I can put it all together, I decided to start with putting up the interviews I did during my visit in ATL.

I got introduced to GLC, a rapper signed with Kanye’s label, G.O.O.D. Music. A Chicago native, now residing in Atlanta, he took the time out to talk about who GLC is and where he is going. He also explained what his upcoming album is about and what he is trying to tell with his music. Having traveled to Europe before, with Kanye West, he also spoke about some experiences he had on the other side of the Pond. Watch the 20+ minute interview where GLC definitely (and luckily) wasn’t someone I had to challenge into talking.

Keep coming back to the site cause there will be a lot of content coming! And don’t forget to read the blog, where I summarized my whole trip into 3 parts, talking about the parties, the studio experiences and the great people I’ve met.

Peace & Blessings. <3