Young Jeezy Interview

– You once started as a CEO before you started rapping. Are you still active in that job? Are you looking for new talent?
Yeah right now I got a label over at Def Jam, called Corporate Thug Entertainment. Always looking for new talent. It’s all about timing.

– You’re pretty successful right now, you probably have a busy schedule as well. Do you miss the street life? Or do you still take the time out to hang around with your boys?
Of course all day I miss it, I think about the street all the time. You can’t not take the time out, you won’t be you then.

– The Inspiration is a lot more radio friendly than Thug Motivation, weren’t you scared to lose street credibility?
Nah, I already did what I did so I can’t lose what’s me. That can only happen to somebody that, if that was like their image. That’s me, I can do pretty much what I wanna do cause I got that street cred.

– So you can make love songs now and still have that street credibility?
Nah I wouldn’t make love songs, I just make love. Haha.

– How did you hook up with Def Jam?
I mean pretty much, you know, that mixtape thing was buzzin’, I was doing what I was doing so it just made sense. I flew out and sat down with L.A. (Reid) and we worked it out.

– Did you grow up with HipHop? You always say you are not an mc, so what do you consider yourself to be?
I grew up listening to Pac, Biggie, I just consider myself a realist, I speak what’s on my mind you know. I mean whatever you consider Pac, Big, UGK, Eightball, MJG stuff to be, like that you know.

– How about the founders of HipHop? Do you know the history? Or is it just the music streaming that you like to be in yourself?
I just know what I know, and what I grew up on, and the things that we considered HipHop. You know what I mean.

– The affaire with Monie Love, she is one of the founders of HipHop, what happened during that interview?
Nothing really happened, we just agreed to disagree. Nothing really happened. It’s more a situation where she had her opinion and I had mine.

– Mixtapes have been an important part of your career. How do you think the whole situation with DJ Drama’s arrest will affect the mixtape game?
It’s gonna make it bigger. It just shows how much power we have. It’s an important part of the street, the things we do, so yeah definitely. It shows where we come from. It’s only gonna get bigger, now it’s illegal so people really wanna do this.

– So you think just because it’s illegal now, everybody is gonna do mixtapes?
It’s gonna be a big thing cause you gotta go to certain parts to get them so it’s gonna be a big deal.

– But with the internet it’s easier to download them now.
Yeah but the mixtapes are for the streets nah I’m sayin’, you get mixtapes in the streets, that’s not for the internet people. Where I’m from we don’t get on the internet like that, we go to the hood where it’s made at and pick up the music. The internet is for people who ain’t close to it like this. They downloading different things and all that.

– But it’s still a way of spreading your music.
I mean yeah but you know, everywhere is where its spread, the music, but we get it from the source, we get it from the streets, we get it from the corner stores, we get it from the bootleggers, we get it wherever, from wherever we can get it from.

– What are your thoughts on “South killed HipHop” seeing NY is the birthplace of HipHop?
We getting money, so I think HipHop is definitely alive. I think the South is doing what its doing, I think the south is keeping HipHop alive until…til you know, til it goes elsewhere. But you know we doing a good job.

– Is there still a rapper or producer that you would wanna make a track with?
Nah I pretty much worked with everybody. It’s pretty much done, ain’t too many people I ain’t worked with. I been working so much.

– Is there still going to be an album together with Juelz Santana?
Nah nah, we might do a couple of joints together but what happened was, we promoted it too soon and a lotta people just grabbed it and ran with it.

– What about Slick Pulla and Bloodraw?
I’m working on the album right now, it’s coming out in June it’s called “Three the hard way” so we working on that right now.

– Is there any information on dropping your clothing line in Europe?
Im tryna get it over there, I’ll be over there talking to some retailers and see what’s crackin’ but it’s real big over here in the States, the clothing line. It’s called 8732.
I gotta get it over there, asap.

– Whose concert would you wanna see? Dead or alive.
Ah man, shit Young Jeezy and 2pac.

– You can’t join, you have to be in the audience.
Ok well shit lemme say 2pac, Big and…uhm that’s it.

– Do you have any idea why there ain’t many Southern artists coming over here for shows?
I dunno, maybe their labels do em like that.

Are there plans to come to Holland anytime soon for a show?
As soon as I can get over there.

Since your nickname is Da Snowman, how do you feel about Global Warming?
Ah man, I be aight, I’m not going nowhere. If anything I’ll adapt to it.