WEFUNK :: Professor Groove & DJ Static


Last Sunday was full of funk, soul, hip hop and bboy-ing in Amsterdam as the Spin Off Finals of 2014 took place over here. For this year, they labeled it the Funky Edition and had special guest DJ’s Professor Groove and DJ Static flown in all the way from Canada, to spin some tunes these battles could rock to.

These two funky guys are pretty much legendary to any funk, soul and hip hop listener as they are the founders of WEFUNK radio, set up almost 20 years ago in Montreal, Canada. A lot of the people in my circle have been loyal listeners and fans of their shows and it was definitely great meeting them and talking to them.

In this late late night pretty much laid-back and improvised interview, a lot of random things are discussed. But the funk duo also talks about what WEFUNK stands for, how they feel the need to stick to their jobs (which are pretty cool jobs) next to their passion of music and I made them think about the future of WEFUNK as in my opinion, they should keep this “legacy” alive. This was definitely one of the randomest interviews I have done, in a great way. Shout out to Jurskee for hooking this up, and to Focus and Maurizio for the great exchanges during the late night snacking, which led to this type of funny talk on camera. Keep on Funkin’!