The dayjob dilemma usually exists in the lives of people whose dreams and goals are so huge, they want to dedicate all of the time they have in to reaching them and making them come true. Their passion is what drives them and they don’t want anything getting in the way of getting to that point in life where they can breathe and say “Momma I made it” [/Jay-Z voice].

When you have reached the point where you can pay your bills with your art, your passion, your dream, you can relax, look back and think to yourself that it was all worth the blood, sweat and tears. Because honestly, we all know it takes a lot of dedication, to get to that point. Some people may think it’s an easy road, but there’s only a few in this world that have their dreams handed to them on a silver platter. For most of us “common folk”, its hard work.

As much as its wonderful not having to divide your time between a job that pays the bills, and your passion and goals, its not necessarily a bad thing. The thing is, people are always so proud not to have a “dayjob” but fail to realize that having one has a lot more advantages than they think. Especially if you’re not at that point of “sitting back and relax, while my art pays my bills” yet, but are still struggling to make it. Some of the advantages of a job, that I experienced myself, are (in no particular order):

1. Steady income. —This adds to whatever you’re doing on the side. The money can be used for more than just paying your bills. It can be used to invest in growing your own business.
2. Learning the business (whatever business you’re in) and applying this to your own business. —This especially goes for those whose job is related to the field you are trying to make it in.
3. Gaining professional work ethic. —Something that most of these “free agent” artists seem to lack a lot nowadays, thus blocking their own progress. Networking & maintaining good relationships with people in your field, are key.
4. Progress as a person. —In any aspect of life, expanding your knowledge, broadening your mind. Which you can apply, again, to any of your life aspects and situations.

Only those that have and value excellent work ethic and have genuine passion can actually work a job next to their passion. It’s far from easy. Getting up early, working all day, coming home in the evening, being tired. But then having to work again, for yourself. It may be your passion, but it still requires work and energy. Not to mention sacrificing time from your social life for building your business.

Though it seems to be a luxury, not having to need a job, it can also block artists from progressing as a person, as they can be stuck in the same mindstate for long periods of time, trying to make money with what they do, paying the bills. Having a job in which you can develop yourself and evolve, makes you progress every day, even if your own art is standing still for a minute. So as a person, you’re never standing still.

I have had a ‘corporate’ job for 17 years. My luck was that my study is applicable to all of my own businesses. All of the knowledge I have gained through my job(s), I can apply to whatever I am doing on the side. Combining your job and your art is in my opinion, a huge advantage. I have two degrees in Marketing (equivalent to a Master’s) and it’s not at all what people usually think it is (quote: “Marketing is lying to people“). It’s much more than just branding. It’s becoming an expert in your field, knowing your market, your competition, your economical situation (for the company products/services etc.) and predicting the future curve of the particular product or service. It’s anticipating on the future and on market demands. Something not a lot of people can do, or know how to analyze and research. And all of this, is very useful, when setting up your own business, or trying to brand yourself as an artist/service/product.

Whenever people “go back” (or are forced) to having a job again, next to their passion, others are quick to call it a step back. Providing for yourself, making sure you are not struggling to have food or keep a roof above your head, is never a step back. Every decision you make as an artist or entrepreneur, is always a step forward, given you have the right mind set and strategy about it.

Making conscious decisions on how to be better, how to be smarter, how to progress, how to get to that “Momma I made it” point in life, is always moving forward.

There are no guarantees in life, not in any business. The only thing you can guarantee yourself, is to stay focused, stay positive and believe that no matter what you have to do in life, you can make it work and make it happen. Dayjob, or not.

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”
~ Napoleon Hill