Slick & Rose :: Black Girls Rock Too

“Black girls rock too” sats Rose, one half of the duo Slick & Rose. And it’s true. Once you have witnessed these two women rock the stage, you can’t deny it. As part of the Soul Of Atlanta edition they showed off their talents in Amsterdam. Slick & Rose are no strangers in the industry as they have released their debut album “Objects in the Mirror” in 2003 and jumped on the Okayplayer tour with Rahzel and the Jazzyfatnastees in Japan, that same year. The two hip hop soulsters talk about their music and their second album “Ambitious Intellectuals”.

Ultimate randomness with DJ JS-1

DJ JS-1, one of the purest hip hop DJ’s there is and the only DJ that spins, produces and releases his own records. He has worked with just about every real MC in history. In this talk with JS-1, he discusses nutsacks, his love for farm animals, Texas and touring with rockbands. Read more