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Radio Galaxy, consisting of King Midas, Spacebunny Jefferson and DJ Cozmos, just released their debut album “We Come in Peace” through PeaceUvMine Entertainment. Their music is definitely from outer space. The three creative creatures who are still lingering around on Earth to see how their music is received, took the time out to tell me more about themselves, where they are from and of course, about their art.








*Who is Radio Galaxy?
Spacebunny: Radio Galaxy is a triad of audible & ethereal awesomeness, consisting of vocalist Spacebunny Jefferson and dynamic producers King Midas & DJ Cozmos – collectively known as King Coz.

*How far did you guys have to travel to get to Earth?
Spacebunny: I believe you earthlings refer to it as light years. Yes, well…we’re even further away than that.
King: We have mastered the art of Time Travel so neither distance nor time are factors for us.

*What is the biggest difference between the (artistic) environment here and where you come from?
RG: Where we’re from, everything is made of sound so we have a deep appreciation for it. It has the power to incite change. It’s how we communicate. We’d like to teach the hue-mans here on Earth this new way of communicating and experiencing life.

*What made RG decide to take your music to Earth?
Coz: Partially because of the aforementioned reason. We’ve come to show you a new world, a new life. . . a new way. . . a beautiful new way.
King: When one galaxy suffers we all suffer… The Universe is only as strong as its weakest galaxy. We were sent here to assist our brethren HISD in The Weakend, also known as Cranberry.

*How would you describe your music?
Spacebunny: Spaced. When LIFE falls asleep and it dreams…this is the soundtrack that plays.

*Do you have a purpose with the music, bringing it over here? Other than putting out your creativity?
Spacebunny: We intend to invade the space between the ears of the listeners…and reprogram their perception. Musically, of course.
King: We must get the planet vibrating on a higher frequency before it’s too late.
Coz: Our purpose is to help the earthlings Space Up.

*Your debut album just dropped. The title is pretty obvious. Can you describe the working process towards the making of “We Come in Peace”?
Spacebunny: It was a grueling, yet enlightening and light-hearted experience to pluck ideas out of the vast expanse of time & space and translate that into music. “We Come In Peace” is a friendly declaration of our arrival, bearing the gift of these anomalous sounds…for a mere $5 download.  King- It’s what Hue-mans call a Peace offering. One human made us a Pie made from Apples to show her gratitude, it was quite full of pleasant taste to the tongue.

*How is your coming here, the album received so far?
Spacebunny: Warmly by most, and many more are quickly converting into purchasers, listeners, and supporters. Though, all of the above were initially taken aback by our arrival. Coz: We have been received gracefully and with open arms.

*Have you experienced humans who thought otherwise than you coming in peace?
Spacebunny: Certainly. But it was to be expected. We’ve been studying human behavior for quite some time now. We anticipated a small scattering of skeptics and snarfs. It’s depicted in your earth movies.

*Do you already have a next project in the works?
Spacebunny: This is classified information. You’d spontaneously combust if we told you. So, we’re going to say “stay tuned”.

*Tell me something that humans that are not known to RG, absolutely have to know about RG, next to your music.
Spacebunny: This is only the genesis. . . or “beginning” as you say here. We are the cosmic wild card. Follow the music.
King: The Humans must know that we will spare no expense on the Hue less humans. Its imperative that you begin to space up this instant so you  too can have a Hue during The Weakend. If not the heats will burn you.

*What differs RG from other groups, other than not having the same DNA?
Spacebunny: Our hue. It’s a rich multi-faceted green glow that radiates from within and allows us to channel the forces of the universe into what we like to call “the heats”.

*What can people expect from RG in the future?
King: Expect for us to do what we were sent here to do… We have a mission that must be completed in Hue time. We are in step 2 of the initiation phase prior to The Weakend.

*What is RG’s ultimate goal? Blow away all galaxies with your music?
Spacebunny: It is certainly not our intent to annihilate all other entities and life forms. We simply want to enhance them. Set a new standard. If annihilation happens in the process…it’s out of our hands.
King: To put it in a way so it can fit inside a shell of a nut, our goal is to simply get this planets Hue back where it’s supposed to be. Its a very dull color from sky view.

Radio Galaxy :: We Come in Peace:

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