Doomtree :: The Minneapolis Sound


The second edition of Woo Hah festival this year had an insane line-up. From new up and coming artists to veterans in the game. One of the acts that performed on one of the stages, was a group named Doomtree. Read more

Free The Robots :: Not To Be Boxed In


For the longest I wanted to interview Free The Robots. This producer from California was first introduced to me by my friend Rhettmatic, during a hip hop show in Amsterdam somewhat years ago. Not as a musician though, but as a friend. Read more

Adrian Younge :: I am Vinyl


The, in my opinion, super producer, Adrian Younge, finally stopped by in Amsterdam again. Two years ago I wanted to do an interview but it didn’t happen. This time I got the chance to sit with him and pick his brain about all kind of things. Read more

Krondon :: MC, Producer, Ghostwriter


This member of the Strong Arm Steady crew has been on my radar for several years. I got familiar with his music through mutual friends and of course my love for hip hop. Last week I finally got the chance to sit down with him. Krondon talks about the new projects he has been working on such as an album with Shafiq Husayn and Chace Infinite, as well as his production side, producing for younger new artists. Don’t sleep on this guy, he also ghostwrites for a lot of your favorite artists. Much love to Krondon and Max Robin for this interview. And special thanks to my team from Creative Luxury.

Trapazoyd :: Tetraheathen & Commagang


Trapazoyd, not the first artist that you would expect me to do an interview with. But when I first heard his song “Hey Selfie Bitch”, I completely died laughing. I had to figure out who he was and as ignorant as he may sound w/ his OCD yelling a certain word, I can’t help but find his lyrics clever and witty, playing into the annoying social media trend of attention whoring. I tracked him down and he was willing to give me an exclusive interview right before his debut album dropped. “Tetraheathen” was released this Tuesday and Trapazoyd tells me more about himself and what this album is about. Shout out to Commagang! 🙂

Del The Funky Homosapien :: Skateboards, Stabbings & More


As soon as I got word of Deltron 3030 going on tour for Event 2, I was hoping they would hit Europe as well. Or so to speak, Amsterdam. It definitely was on my “who to meet-bucket list” to shake hands with Del The Funky Homosapien and Dan the Automator. As I kept track of the tour, I was traveling from continent to continent myself and for a moment it looked like I was going to miss the show in Amsterdam. Luckily, schedules changed and I happened to be home the week that they were performing out here.

The show was incredibly dope! Kid Koala, Dan the Automator and Del the Funky Homosapien definitely did what they are best at. With the team that supported them, it must have been one of the coolest shows I have seen this year. Thanks to my friend Domino (Hieroglyphics) who is touring with them, I got a chance to interview Del. Though Dan was not feeling well enough to do an interview, I am glad I got a chance to meet him, as I knew his work from other projects (Gorillaz, Handsomeboy Modeling School etc.) besides Deltron 3030.

Seeing the interview was pretty last minute and I wanted to keep it rather short, I decided to pick Del’s brain by throwing words and names at him, like I did with Skeme Richards. It’s a great way to get to know someone. Del shares his thoughts on his latest passion for skateboarding, feels that Public Enemy and De La Soul are equally icons in their own way and shares a story about him and his brother that not many people know of.

Shout out to Domino for making this happen.

Slum Village :: Evolution


Although I have interviewed Slum Village two times before over the past years, I was excited to do another interview with them, as this formation consists of T3, Illa J and Young RJ. The last two are no strangers to Slum Village fans as they have always been a part of the SV family. At the moment they are touring in Europe, having done the Dillaville tour and following right up with the Evolution tour as their album Evolution was released in June of this year. The three Detroit natives talk about touring in the new formation, the feedback from the fans in Europe and advise anyone not to deal with any negativity. I can only agree wholeheartedly to that.

With special thanks to Frank Nitt.

Big K.R.I.T. :: Country to Def Jam

One of my new favorite hip hop artists today is Big K.R.I.T. and I got the opportunity to meet and talk to him for a quick minute during the Boogiedown Breda festival out here in The Netherlands. In speed mode he talks about how he started out and ended up with Def Jam, his production skills coming forth out of necessity and that his next project is going to be soulful.

14KT :: Production is my Calling

Kendall Tucker, aka 14KT, is an artist, producer from Michigan. Next to being part of the mighty hip hop group Athletic Mic League, he also has dropped quite a few solo projects after the release of his debut solo LP, “The Golden Hour” in 2008. Since then 14KT has built a name for himself and was mentioned one of the biggest promises production wise and also earned the title of Red Bull Beat Battle Champ in 2010.

As KT and I were enjoying a few relaxing days in Houston, we also took the opportunity to talk about his journey from a starting producer to where he is now. KT talks about his passion, his inspirations and what he has in store for us.

Ci Ci Foster :: Actress, Film Producer, Writer

In light of February’s Love and Black History Month on S.O.U.L. Magazine, I caught up with a powerful black woman who has been making quite a name for herself. Ci Ci Foster, accomplished actress, film producer and entrepreneur. She is now also focused on writing novels and has released her latest book “Sunny Rain” and is now working on her new novel called “Hollywoodn’t“. If you’re not familiar with Ci Ci or her work, here is your chance to get to know her.

When did you first discover your talent for acting?
I discovered my talent and passion for acting during college. The first role I auditioned for was a conniving young girl and I booked it. It was a small two scene role, but after the performance, people kept talking about my performance. That was the first time I remember thinking to myself, “I could do this.” I started taking acting classes and auditioning every chance I got. My passion for acting grew more and more each day.

How did you make your way from actress to film producer?
When I moved to LA, the acting gigs dried up, so I decided to try my hand at producing. I’ve always wanted to produce my own film, but kept putting it off because I didn‘t know where to start. Shortly after relocating, I met my business partner who shared the same passion for wanting to produce good work. We decided to produce a documentary, “I Heart Hollywood,” with our own money to show people the real life struggles of actresses.

What was to you, your first real breakthrough moment in the entertainment industry?
When I got my SAG card. Joining the union is really a crucial moment in any actor’s life because that allows you to go out for professional acting work.

How did the documentary I Heart Hollywood come together?
My business partner and I wanted to share our stories of the struggles of the business, so we decided to cast other actresses who were passionate about the craft to give viewers a real life glimpse into the lives of working actresses before they reach stardom. I really felt like you can always see reality shows that follow the lives of celebrities, but following the lives of actresses on their way to the top was an untapped market.

Do you feel that as a (black) woman, you’ve had more struggles in this industry? Absolutely.  Hollyweird, sorry Hollywood, is ran by men and what they put money into makes it challenging for Black women to penetrate the market. I was at an event recently where Halle Berry was the guest speaker. She talked about how challenging it still is for her to get roles and secure financing for her films. I remember thinking to myself, “If Halle Berry is still being told no, we’re all in trouble!” LOL… The struggles will never end. But that doesn’t detour me, it makes me want it more.

You are a role model for a lot of young women and are mentioned alongside other powerful women in the industry. Do you see yourself like that as well? How does that make you feel?
I’ve always been a strong believer that the parent or guardian should be the role model for their children, but I understand when you put yourself out there it’s part of the territory. Most of the time it makes me feel good that young girls may see me as a role model. Then, when I really think deeply, I feel a bit overwhelmed because it’s such a huge responsibility.

When did you discover your talent and love for writing?
I’ve loved writing for as long as I could remember . As a child, I used to write stories and love to read. It was natural for me to gravitate towards a career in writing.

How do you combine all these different “jobs”?
It’s not difficult to combine all my jobs because they are all within the same industry.

How do you combine all of the work with your family life, being a wife and mother?
It’s a challenge sometimes to combine family life with work, but I make a schedule and try to stick to it. I have to write everything down or I will forget. My husband and I spend quality time once a week without the kids to re-connect. Then our daughters have their own outside activities that we squeeze in. It’s crazy sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Seeing how you do not limit yourself, the sky is the limit, what would you want your next venture to be?
I’m continuing to build my empire brick by brick. Right now, I’m working on producing a play and a web show. After those are complete who knows what I’ll end up doing.

Do you think you will come to a point in your life where you put down the working shoes? Or are you a person that keeps chasing her ambitions?
I don’t think I’ll ever hang up the working shoes. I enjoy what I do so much that it doesn’t feel like work. I am definitely the type of person that can’t stop, and won’t stop chasing her ambitions.

What is your ultimate goal in the entertainment industry?
To change the game.

What is your ultimate goal as a person, in life?
Ultimately, I’m aspiring for total happiness. More specifically, that means for me to have a successful career, healthy friends and family, and to help others reach their goals.

What would your advice be to young people that have the same ambition as you?
Work hard, stay focused, and have patience. I truly believe if you do what you love the money will follow.

Ci Ci’s website:
With special thanks to Florence Edwards from Publicity 911.