The Charlie Murphy Take Over

Little did I know I was going to get a chance to talk to Charlie Murphy, when I got tickets to go see his show in Amsterdam, for his Acid Trip Tour. After the show Charlie said he was going to be at the merch table for signing and pictures. I decided to buy his book “The Making of a Stand Up Guy” (great read by the way), which he signed. When I told him I would love to have done an interview, he gave me the opportunity to do so after the signing.

Well, the following footage is not so much an interview, as Charlie totally took over and left me thrown off on the couch. I have to say this is the first time I got so thrown off, that I just let him run with it. Charlie talks about how the Acid Trip Tour came together and a whole bunch of random things. This was too hilarious not to post, even when I can’t really publish this as an “interview”. Charlie said this was the realest interview he’s done. Because we just went with it, no same old questions. But that’s usually how I do. I never ask the obvious. Anyway, go ahead and watch “The Charlie Murphy Take Over” as I labeled it. 🙂

Charlie Murphy interview (oct ’12) from Pay on Vimeo.

Killer Mike :: Bringing real Hip Hop back

Rapper/producer El-P was touring the United States and brought Killer Mike along. After I spoke to El-P in Houston, Killer Mike took out a few minutes to also sit down with me, before the show at Warehouse Live. I definitely appreciated that he was willing to take the time to talk to me on the spot. Mike talks about how his latest album, R.A.P. Music, which was released in May, is bringing that real hip hop back. As he states: “Yes, Hip Hop is dead, if you aint got any imagination.”

El-P :: Cancer 4 Cure

During my stay in Houston, I got the chance to interview rapper/producer El-P who released his long awaited album Cancer for Cure a month before. At that moment he was touring with Killer Mike through the United States. Last mentioned had also just released an album, that he fully collaborated on with El-P. You can imagine how excited I was, to catch both of them while vacationing in H-Town. I caught up with El-P before the show.

Note: Shout out to Biz3. Its always appreciated when press is handled so professional and makes things run smoothly.

This is it – What?! Camp Lo pourin’ from the sky…

Yes, Camp Lo is still in full effect and gave a grand show closing the Boogiedown Breda Festival in Holland during their European tour. Hip Hop duo Geechi Suede & Sonny Cheeba were excited to be performing and let us know that they will be dropping their new album this summer/fall, all produced by the legendary Pete Rock. Read more

A talk with DJ Babu

DJ Babu is touring with Evidence through Europe at the moment. They are also meeting up with Rakaa Iriscience later to do some Dilated Peoples shows on this side of the Atlantic. As two-thirds of the group (together with Montage One) were spending their off days in Amsterdam, I caught up with Babu, the last of the three I haven’t sat down with yet. Read more

Who is Montage One?

Montage One, an artist that has been in the business behind the scene for a good 15 years or so. He felt that now is the time to come out and is releasing his debut album independently in June of this year. While he was on tour with Evidence & DJ Babu in Europe, I caught up with him in Amsterdam to get the scoop on this MC that is about to make waves in the industry. Read more

J. Sands (Lonecatalysts) interview

J. Sands from Lonecatalysts was touring with Count Bass D in Europe and I caught up with them. Although J. Rawls wasn’t with him, Sands is still reppin’ Lonecatalysts to the fullest and talks about the music they got in the works. Read more

Count Bass D speaks about musicianship

One of my favorite musicians finally came to put on a show in Amsterdam. If you have never heard of Count Bass D, you better get familiar, especially with his music. His first time in Amsterdam, spending 4/20 over here, had him pretty excited. Read more

Rugz D. Bewler: Super Bad MC

Rugz D. Bewler, an MC you may have not heard of, -yet-. I came across this artist through the trailer for the 24 hour karate school mixtape from Ski Beatz. Impressed with his style on the song “Super Bad” (produced by Ski) I researched this “duder” and reached out to him. Rugz also just released his mixtape called “Bewler’s Day Off” which definitely showed him to be interview worthy. Read more