Krondon :: MC, Producer, Ghostwriter


This member of the Strong Arm Steady crew has been on my radar for several years. I got familiar with his music through mutual friends and of course my love for hip hop. Last week I finally got the chance to sit down with him. Krondon talks about the new projects he has been working on such as an album with Shafiq Husayn and Chace Infinite, as well as his production side, producing for younger new artists. Don’t sleep on this guy, he also ghostwrites for a lot of your favorite artists. Much love to Krondon and Max Robin for this interview. And special thanks to my team from Creative Luxury.

Trapazoyd :: Tetraheathen & Commagang


Trapazoyd, not the first artist that you would expect me to do an interview with. But when I first heard his song “Hey Selfie Bitch”, I completely died laughing. I had to figure out who he was and as ignorant as he may sound w/ his OCD yelling a certain word, I can’t help but find his lyrics clever and witty, playing into the annoying social media trend of attention whoring. I tracked him down and he was willing to give me an exclusive interview right before his debut album dropped. “Tetraheathen” was released this Tuesday and Trapazoyd tells me more about himself and what this album is about. Shout out to Commagang! 🙂

Chuck D :: Freedom & Independence

Its been quite some years since I last spoke to Chuck D, one of Public Enemy’s frontmen. The Hip Hop group, that started a movement with political awareness in their raps in the 80’s, was headlining the Boogiedown Breda festival this year. As always its a pleasure to talk to Chuck, especially when it comes to him sharing his knowledge. He talks about his movement today and tells us that the difference between him and most artists out there today, is Freedom & Independence. Watch as Chuck tells us about the bigger picture.

Big K.R.I.T. :: Country to Def Jam

One of my new favorite hip hop artists today is Big K.R.I.T. and I got the opportunity to meet and talk to him for a quick minute during the Boogiedown Breda festival out here in The Netherlands. In speed mode he talks about how he started out and ended up with Def Jam, his production skills coming forth out of necessity and that his next project is going to be soulful.

Postmen :: The Evolution of Hip Hop

Postmen is back. De mannen achter de hits “Cocktail” en “Crisis” in de jaren 90, stonden op het Boogiedown Breda festival dit jaar. Het podium van Boogiedown schudde op z’n vesten met de oude hits maar ook de nieuwe hits van Postmen en de “berichten bezorgers” bewezen maar weer eens dat ze nog steeds succes-waardig zijn. Ze zijn terug en vertellen over hun nieuwe sound en de evolutie van Hip Hop vandaag de dag.

The Pharcyde :: The Secret to Longevity

The Pharycde is celebrating their 20 year anniversary and toured Europe to experience old and new fans that still bounce to their songs like its 1992. Bootie Brown took the time out to talk about how it feels to still be on stage after so many years and gives us his view on the secret to longevity.

14KT :: Production is my Calling

Kendall Tucker, aka 14KT, is an artist, producer from Michigan. Next to being part of the mighty hip hop group Athletic Mic League, he also has dropped quite a few solo projects after the release of his debut solo LP, “The Golden Hour” in 2008. Since then 14KT has built a name for himself and was mentioned one of the biggest promises production wise and also earned the title of Red Bull Beat Battle Champ in 2010.

As KT and I were enjoying a few relaxing days in Houston, we also took the opportunity to talk about his journey from a starting producer to where he is now. KT talks about his passion, his inspirations and what he has in store for us.

DJ SUN :: One Hundred

DJ SUN has established himself as a resident DJ in Houston over the past 15+ years. Born in The Netherlands, moved to Surinam (South America) and growing up in Houston, Texas, has made DJ SUN a DJ and producer with a diverse musical ear, which expresses itself in his art. When I got up with my part fellow Dutchman, he spoke about the upcoming release of his debut album “One Hundred” which features musicians such as Houston Grand Opera vocalist Lisa E. Harris and Grammy award winning bassist for La Mafia, Tim Ruiz.

The ARE :: Maintaining the Balance

When I was in Houston I got the random opportunity to interview producer The ARE. You may not have heard of him, but you surely have heard one or more of the songs he has produced. The ARE started producing in the early 90’s and has been part of The Trackmasters production team since 2007. His  production credits include Lil Kim, Keyshia Cole, Nicki Minaj, LL Cool J, EMC (Mata Ace,Wordsworth, Stricklin & Punchline), Headkrack, Wordsworth, Truth Enola and Canibus to name a few.

As an artist he has released his own projects as well, such as The Jacksons, Uphill Peace of Mind, Still Climbing and Manipulated Marauders. Before he started working independently, he was part of the group K-otix. I have witnessed this Houston based producer to be a great DJ and tastemaker as well, during my stay in H-town.

The ARE talks about how it all started for him as a producer, what he considers his “big break” in the industry and most of all, how he maintains the balance between mainstream and underground, while always keeping the focus on his family, his daughter.

Photo by Adam Israel Valadez.

Killer Mike :: Bringing real Hip Hop back

Rapper/producer El-P was touring the United States and brought Killer Mike along. After I spoke to El-P in Houston, Killer Mike took out a few minutes to also sit down with me, before the show at Warehouse Live. I definitely appreciated that he was willing to take the time to talk to me on the spot. Mike talks about how his latest album, R.A.P. Music, which was released in May, is bringing that real hip hop back. As he states: “Yes, Hip Hop is dead, if you aint got any imagination.”