El-P :: Cancer 4 Cure

During my stay in Houston, I got the chance to interview rapper/producer El-P who released his long awaited album Cancer for Cure a month before. At that moment he was touring with Killer Mike through the United States. Last mentioned had also just released an album, that he fully collaborated on with El-P. You can imagine how excited I was, to catch both of them while vacationing in H-Town. I caught up with El-P before the show.

Note: Shout out to Biz3. Its always appreciated when press is handled so professional and makes things run smoothly.

Rakim :: Been A Long Time

After 19 years Rakim Allah is back in Europe again for some shows. Just about every real hip hop head didn’t pass this chance to witness the God MC on stage again. I’ve been blessed to get the chance to talk to the living legend himself after the show. Rakim talks about his music, where he is spiritually at the moment and how he feels about the state of Hip Hop nowadays. (Apologies for the few mic glitches.) Needless to say, loving Hip Hop like I do, this has definitely been amazing to me. Much love to my girl Tinku & to Matthew for making this happen for me.

Nottz says “You Need This Music”

One of my favorite producers goes by the name of Nottz. If you have never heard of him, I am sure you know at least one song he has produced. He has worked with names such as Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, J. Dilla and many more. If you love music, if you love Hip Hop, I guarantee you that you own an album that has production by Nottz on it. Read more

Introducing Spec Boogie part I

Introducing Spec Boogie. You may have come across his name already. At the moment this rapper from Bed Stuy, New York is working on some projects in Europe and has been based in Amsterdam for a good minute now. Pay sat down with him to get to know him better. Read more

DuckDown #3 from 3: Torae

The third of the “DuckDown in Europe” mini series. After I’ve met Torae a few years ago, right after he dropped Daily Conversation, I have been following his music so I was happy I got the chance to follow up on him with a second interview, this time on video. Read more

DuckDown #1 from 3: Marco Polo

Last monday, three DuckDown artists gave away a great show in Amsterdam. Producer Marco Polo has worked with artists such as Masta Ace, Kool G Rap, Buckshot, O.C., Kardinal Offishall, Large Professor and Sadat X. Read more

Freeway :: From Def Jam to Rhymesayers

Freeway & Jake One were on European Tour for the Stimulus Package which came out earlier this year. Next to Jake One, I also got a hold of Freeway for a quick minute. Read more

“Make no mistake son, its Jake One…”

Yes! Finally, after years of anticipation, I got to meet and interview one of my favorite producers ever. Jake One, who has been touring through Europe with Freeway. Read more

Randomness with Rich Medina

Another randomness item with a dope artist. Rich Medina, one of my all-time favorite DJ’s was in Amsterdam again and after having missed out on him several times over here as well as in New York, I finally caught up with him. Read more

DJ Rick Geez: Backbone of The Clipse

As I had said at the beginning of this year, DJ’s and producers don’t get enough shine for the things they do. People often forget that the DJ is the backbone of Hip Hop. Read more