Killer Mike :: Bringing real Hip Hop back

Rapper/producer El-P was touring the United States and brought Killer Mike along. After I spoke to El-P in Houston, Killer Mike took out a few minutes to also sit down with me, before the show at Warehouse Live. I definitely appreciated that he was willing to take the time to talk to me on the spot. Mike talks about how his latest album, R.A.P. Music, which was released in May, is bringing that real hip hop back. As he states: “Yes, Hip Hop is dead, if you aint got any imagination.”

El-P :: Cancer 4 Cure

During my stay in Houston, I got the chance to interview rapper/producer El-P who released his long awaited album Cancer for Cure a month before. At that moment he was touring with Killer Mike through the United States. Last mentioned had also just released an album, that he fully collaborated on with El-P. You can imagine how excited I was, to catch both of them while vacationing in H-Town. I caught up with El-P before the show.

Note: Shout out to Biz3. Its always appreciated when press is handled so professional and makes things run smoothly.