Free The Robots :: Not To Be Boxed In


For the longest I wanted to interview Free The Robots. This producer from California was first introduced to me by my friend Rhettmatic, during a hip hop show in Amsterdam somewhat years ago. Not as a musician though, but as a friend. Read more

Randomness with Rich Medina

Another randomness item with a dope artist. Rich Medina, one of my all-time favorite DJ’s was in Amsterdam again and after having missed out on him several times over here as well as in New York, I finally caught up with him. Read more

DJ Rick Geez: Backbone of The Clipse

As I had said at the beginning of this year, DJ’s and producers don’t get enough shine for the things they do. People often forget that the DJ is the backbone of Hip Hop. Read more

A talk with DJ Babu

DJ Babu is touring with Evidence through Europe at the moment. They are also meeting up with Rakaa Iriscience later to do some Dilated Peoples shows on this side of the Atlantic. As two-thirds of the group (together with Montage One) were spending their off days in Amsterdam, I caught up with Babu, the last of the three I haven’t sat down with yet. Read more