Avery*Sunshine :: Human Artist

Last weekend we experienced a lot of sunshine in Amsterdam, brought by miss Avery. Avery*Sunshine that is, as she gave us an amazing performance. It was her second performance within a short time over here and this time I got a chance to talk to her. During the interview Avery spoke about her being human, connecting with her audience, the struggle as an independent artist and the process towards new projects.

Though after the video recording of the interview, the conversation got as real as it can be with an artist. Myself, Avery, her partner Dana Johnson, fellow-journalist Simone Zeefuik and promoter Rudii from SwaG ShaQ (who brought her out here), got tied up in one of the most inspiring conversations I’ve had in a while, with anyone, let alone an artist.

Unfortunately, I did not capture this 2 hour conversation about independent artists, the side of the media in this, the influence it has on creativity of artists, the understanding of doing business AS an independent artist, what you can and can’t do, depending on your own strategy and business plan, and the power of structured questions (or weakness of no research) from journalists. Any independent artist that wants to exchange thoughts on their art, Avery and Dana are definitely the people to hit up about this.

Luckily, Simone Zeefuik has captured the biggest part of this conversation and you will be able to find her interview soon on Much love to all of the people who inspired me that day through words.