M.O.P. :: Staying Relevant


The Boogiedown Festival is one that I have been visiting for years and had almost missed it this year. Thanks to the organisation, I still got to be there again, as they always make sure I am aware. This year they gave me the chance to finally meet and talk to the famous Mash Out Posse, better known as M.O.P. consisting of rappers Billy Danze and Lil’ Fame. During our talk, we were joined by Laze Elliot, who definitely had a lot to say as well. They talk about relevance in this industry, their new projects and even offered me to produce a beat for the new album ICONS, which I’m not sure will actually happen though, haha!

Please excuse the crappy sound at first, as the sound man was too distracted by all the shenanigans, to test it out first. It’s fixed later during the interview though. 🙂