Liquid Crystal Project Interview

Two years and some change ago I got familiar with The Liquid Crystal Project when they were on their first European Tour. This jazz-hop band as they call themselves, consists of DJ and hiphop producer J.Rawls, saxophonist Charles “Charlie Chop” Cooper, keyanist Bjazz and drummer Rob Riley.

The mixture of jazz and hiphop through live instruments and a DJ turned into two albums. The Liquid Crystal Project 2 album is now out in stores and the guys were on tour in Europe to promote it. Watch the interview as they are introducing themselves to those who don’t know them yet, as well as seeing some footage of their live performance @ Bitterzoet in Amsterdam.

Shout out to J, Coop, Bjazz and Rob. And special thanks to: Bas from Bitterzoet for making this last minute show in Amsterdam happen.

Peace & Blessings. <3