Free The Robots :: Not To Be Boxed In


For the longest I wanted to interview Free The Robots. This producer from California was first introduced to me by my friend Rhettmatic, during a hip hop show in Amsterdam somewhat years ago. Not as a musician though, but as a friend. So when I found out about his art, I couldn’t help but wanna pick his brain and introduce him to more people in my world. FTR travels out here all the time, and luckily he was DJ-ing in Amsterdam again. This gave me a chance to finally talk to him as an artist, next to the nice person he always has been to me. If you don’t know about him, find out!

Unfortunately, the microphone malfunctioned, so the sound is really bad, nonetheless, I was so excited about this interview that I still wanted to post it, as sour as this was after having to wait so long for this talk. My apologies for the sound quality.