Freddie Gibbs :: “I’ll F*%K U Up”


The second edition of Woo Hah festival this year had an insane line-up. From new up and coming artists to veterans in the game. One of the artists was someone I have been trying  to talk to for the longest, Freddie Gibbs. For the past year, maybe two years, I kept missing him whenever he would perform in my country, for some reason it never worked out. Luckily, it did this time.

When I finally sat down with Freddie, who I always thought could be pretty intimidating, he turned out to be one of the nicest guys in this rap game, that I have ever talked to. The rapper talks about his new album, books he likes to read, and even offered me a job. See? Told you he was nice. But, he also makes it very clear that as nice as he is, he will also f*%k you up, cause he can.

Before we even started to talk, we had to clear up some things immediately.
Watch the talk I had with “Mr. Nice Guy”, below.