Fishhawk Interview

People, Pay is not just a Hip Hop Soul lover. She’s on the rock tip too. Lets not forget, I grew up with all types of music. In my early teens I was jamming as much to Pearl Jam, Guns N Roses, Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots as to LL Cool J, EPMD, A Tribe Called Quest and Big Daddy Kane.

During my recent trip Stateside, I finally got up with Fishhawk, one of the dopest fresh alternative rock bands in Atlanta. Not only did I witness a show from them, but I also got to talk to them. I wanted to talk to them since forever and I feel blessed that I got that chance while I was there. As alternative as they are, so was the interview outside of Lenny’s Bar. But it rocked nonetheless, just like their live shows. Check their music and definitely make it a point to see their live show!

Peace & Blessings. <3