Eagle Nebula :: Dropping LoveBombs


Eagle Nebula, a powerful name in itself. A female MC, hailing from Inglewood California but residing in Brooklyn New York for a while now. When we talk about “real” Hip Hop, “Nebs” as friends call her, is definitely an MC in this category. In the times of Nicki Minaj’s, there are definitely still female MC’s that bring us back to that raw New York underground sound. Together with producer and drummer Daru Jones (DD172, Black Milk), Nebs dropped a free EP last year, named LoveBombs.

Who is Eagle Nebula?
Eagle Nebs is that super fly Cosmic thick chick lyricist from Inglewood Cali! BoOm.

What inspired you to become an MC?
I never wanted to be an MC but I always had a book full of rhymes and kept hanging out with musicians that would tell me to get on the mic. I enjoyed it, so I kept doing it for fun, then I put out a record and there was no turning back.

How would you describe your work, your music?
It’s me driving in my own lane, not looking back or over my shoulder.

What was your first experience in the music industry, that made you feel accomplished or acknowledged?
When I toured France, it was dope to experience people who actually went to the store and bought my album, then, with crazy broken English to tell me how much they loved it. Whenever someone comes up to me giving me love for what I do, I feel encouraged.

Your latest release is a 4 track EP called Love Bombs. What are Love Bombs?
LoveBombs are basically random acts of kindness that you set off when the energy of a place or thing needs to change. A love bomb can be a kiss a slap in the face or anything in between, as long as it’s in the name of love.

On the EP you’ve worked with (producer and drummer) Daru Jones. How was working with him?
Daru is the best. I could go on and on. We’ve been doing shows together for the past 2 years. He’s great to work with. He’s great on beats and on drums. He’s an angel. I wish there were more folks like him in the world. I have an idea! Let’s clone him!

What does Hip Hop mean to you?
Graffiti, Breaking, DJing, Emceeing, Knowledge, Power, Party, Gold.

Aside from trying to get noticed within the crowd of MC’s, do you feel like its more of a struggle for you, being a woman?
I’m so used to being the only girl, it dosen’t really phase me. I think it is more of a struggle for other people than it is a struggle for me. I’m cool. I just do what I do.

What advice would you give young girls, that love Hip Hop, yet get confronted with only certain images of women in Hip Hop nowadays?
Be you. Don’t get with or take advice from some controlling ass dude who breaks you down. Surround yourself with people who inspire you to be better. Work to master the craft.

Why should people listen to your music? Do you believe that there is something that separates Eagle Nebula from other MC’s?
Well, some say that I make hip hop for people who love hip hop, or don’t listen to hip hop at all. Listen to it, give it a chance, if you feel it, great, if not, there’s a gang of other great artists out there to listen to. Be inspired!

Who would you really want to work with in the future?
Devine Styler, Shabazz Palaces, Ornate Coleman

What are you working on at the moment? What can we expect from Eagle Nebula in the soon future?
I’ll be dropping another EP later this year and have some exciting collabs that should be coming out soon.

What is your long term goal as an artist?
Travel the world, inspire, make gold!

Do you have any words to fans, potential fans? Or a motto you live by to give out to the world?

You can download the LoveBomb EP for free: http://eaglenebula.bandcamp.com
Visit her website here: http://www.iameaglenebula.com