Dwele W.ants W.orld W.omen


It’s been two years since nu-soul artist Dwele has released an album. His new anticipated album W.ants W.orld W.omen will be in stores on June 29th. Dwele took the time out his busy schedule to talk about the album.

Wants World Women, what does that mean? Explain the title. How did you come up with the idea?
I came up with the title when I was working with Nottz on the song “I Wish”. Listening to the music, the first words that came to me were “I wish I had a dollar for every dollar you think I have, I wish I had those Gucci shoes inside that Gucci bag…” And I thought about how there’s this complete other side of me that people don’t know about, the guy that wants flashy things and wants to be a little cocky. In the process of wondering how I could make that happen on an album, I thought about all of the political songs I had that were just sitting because I didn’t have the platform to put them out.  That’s when it hit me to section off the music, almost like making 3 different albums in one.

What was the process towards making this album like?
It’s always fun making an album until time runs out and you start getting rushed. That happens with pretty much all of my albums because I’m always trying to change something or upgrade some part of the song at the last minute. This album was no different. I locked myself in the room with instruments and a computer for a few months and went to work.

What makes this album different from your previous albums?

With this album I tried to hit on a few different topics (political, flossin’) a little more so than in the past. I wanted to do it this way because it sets me up to try different things in the future. I feel that one major thing that makes this album different from the past are the collabs. My past albums I didn’t have too many collaborations because i didn’t want people to get confused about what my sound was from having too many guests. Being that this is my fourth album, I think people know what I do now, and I can bring other sounds into the equation.

How do you keep originality and creativity in your songs?
I just try to keep it fresh. I feel that I talk about topics that everyone else is talking about, but when I do it, I try to talk about it from a different perspective. If I’m saying something freaky, I’ll do it creatively to the point you won’t catch it until you listen to it a few times instead of just coming right out and saying it.

How did the collaborations with David Banner and DJ Quick come about?
David Banner actually contacted me on Twitter about working, I’ve been a fan of his for a long time, so I jumped at the opportunity. I met Quick back when I was cutting “Find A Way” in LA in 2003. He’s always been good peoples and he’s crazy when it comes to musicianship and working a studio. I was in LA at G-1’s studio mixing when he came thru. I was there, he was there, so we picked a song and he went in and did what he does best. . .That’s my guy right thurrr!

Can you tell me something about the productions on the album?
I stuck to my usual elements this time around. Some people call it throw back now, but I still love sequencing on the MPC, I keep my Fender Rhodes by my side, a few acoustical instruments, (guitar, bass, trumpet, flugle horn). This time around I used more synths than in previous albums. I like the blend of the cheap and the warm, I think it’s a good marriage.

What do you expect when this album drops?

I never know what to expect. Each album is like putting out a first album, you always ask yourself “I wonder how people will take my sound”. . .At least that’s what I think every time I drop an album. I feel this way because I feel like I’m in a different place, a little different from the last, every time i create a collection of music

In this digital age, what do you think is more succesful? Selling shows or selling music?

People are going to bootleg, as much as I hate it, it’s going to happen. As I do this interview I’m looking at tweets with people asking friends to send them the album, over and over again. Since there’s nothing I can do about it, I think it’s more important that they LIKE the music and want to listen so that they buy tickets to come see it live. . . I fuckin hate this bootleg shit.

You are one of the artists that sticks to making an album without it being overshadowed by guest artists. Do you see yourself doing collaboration projects?
I have 5 guests on this album, I don’t think I see myself doing any more than that on future albums unless its an album specifically for collaborations.  That is something that I want to do as well.

Do you have other projects in the works already while this album is being released?

I have a few things going on, I don’t want to speak on them prematurely though.

What is the impact that you wanna reach with this album?
With all my albums I try to make that “soundtrack for your life” music. Something where 15 years from now you hear the song and it takes you back to the summer of 2010.

Is there a tour planned already for the album?
I’m headed to San Fran tomorrow.  We’ll be on the West coast for a few days, then East, South, then Africa! I believe Europe UK is happenin in October.

Thanks for this interview and we’re looking forward to your new music!
Thanks. Gucci shoes, World peace and Sex to errbody!