CunninLynguists Interview

Yes, the interview with CunninLynguists is finally online!
Due to some technical difficulties, the video footage is a little off but the content is too dope not to put out there, so I did anyway.

This is one of the “realest” interviews I ever did with artists, simply cause they were really being themselves. I decided not to edit out anything from this interview, to show people the genuine men behind this talented hiphop trio. Even though I only spoke with Deacon and Natti (Kno was a bit sick), I got to experience Kno later on and he is just as real and funny as the two that I interviewed, so whether he was there or not, the vibe does give a good view of all three of them.

Shout out to CunninLynguists, DJ FlipFlop, Tonedeff and Johan for this DOPE interview.

Again, sorry for the “retro” video footage, but hey, sometimes you just gotta put it out there for the dopeness of the conversation only. =)

Peace & Blessings. <3