The Charlie Murphy Take Over

Little did I know I was going to get a chance to talk to Charlie Murphy, when I got tickets to go see his show in Amsterdam, for his Acid Trip Tour. After the show Charlie said he was going to be at the merch table for signing and pictures. I decided to buy his book “The Making of a Stand Up Guy” (great read by the way), which he signed. When I told him I would love to have done an interview, he gave me the opportunity to do so after the signing.

Well, the following footage is not so much an interview, as Charlie totally took over and left me thrown off on the couch. I have to say this is the first time I got so thrown off, that I just let him run with it. Charlie talks about how the Acid Trip Tour came together and a whole bunch of random things. This was too hilarious not to post, even when I can’t really publish this as an “interview”. Charlie said this was the realest interview he’s done. Because we just went with it, no same old questions. But that’s usually how I do. I never ask the obvious. Anyway, go ahead and watch “The Charlie Murphy Take Over” as I labeled it. 🙂

Charlie Murphy interview (oct ’12) from Pay on Vimeo.