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The internet stays an amazing platform for finding great music. I came across a band named Air Dubai because one of the band members started following me on Twitter. I noticed he was part of a band and directed myself towards their music through his links. What a discovery! I instantly loved their music. This 7-piece band is, like they state themselves as well, not to be put into one category or genre. Their sound is one of its own and their songs are as diverse as can be, yet hold on to that sound. This is one of those moments where I, as a music fan first, felt the need to put these talented guys out there the best way I could. I reached out to them and they were kind enough to take the time out to do a little interview. I hope to catch them live one day and sit face to face with them for a more in-depth interview. Check out their music, its definitely worth it.

How did Air Dubai come together?
Nick: Air Dubai was started by Jon and Julian. They started off doing the typical hip hop thing with two rappers playing along w

ith beats. They did that for a while until I met Jon through another group we were in together. He told me about Air Dubai, I checked it out and liked it, so I suggested that we get a full band together. I called some of my friends and the Air Dubai that you know today was born. That was March 2009.

How did you guys come up with the name Air Dubai?
Juju: The name Air Dubai is merely a representation of the music we make. Its intriguing, random and catchy.

You have just released the album “Wonder Age”. How did that come together?
Nick: Over a long period of time with a lot of experimenting. It took us a little over a year to finish the record, not because we didn’t have the songs, but because we were never completely happy with how the recordings were turning out. In the end, we recorded at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO and were really happy with how the album turned out.
Jon: I also feel like it had something to do with the material though as well. At the beginning of the process there was no way we could have recorded the album that we did once Wonder Age was finished. We’ve always said that our music needs to be about our experiences and our lives more so than wanting to write hit records or make money off our songs. I think we needed to grow as a group and as people and Wonder Age was not ready for release until then.

How has the feedback to the album been so far?
Nick: Really good, actually. We’ve been really fortunate to get a lot of positive comments from fans and a lot of good reviews from press.
Jon: The feedback extends thankfully past the album too, we’ve been fortunate to make a ton of friends both with musicians and fans that we couldn’t have made without the music being behind it. Music is so universal and it brings people together and it has brought us many a connection over the course of our run.

What makes Air Dubai different from other bands?
Nick: Are we really that different from other bands? If we are, it’s just a product of who the seven of us are individually. We’ve never tried to be something musically, our music is just a product of our personalities and life experiences.
Jon: I don’t think we strive to be different. That’s a ton of pressure. I think we just want to make good music and most times people will compare you to other people, that’s almost unavoidable so I say instead of focusing on what makes you different I’d say focus on what makes you good..

Do you guys have particular musical influences?
Nick: We all have very different influences. Personally, I’m really into jazz, but also really into hip hop, soul, and indie. Particularly, Phoenix is a band that we all draw a lot of influence from.
Jon: Kidz Bop

What artists, songwriters or producers would you want to work with if given the chance?
Nick: There are a lot. Personally, I’d love to be able to work with Questlove from the Roots.
Jon: Donny Hathaway is dead now but the way he saw music was incredible to me. I’d sit down with him and talk about out how to make my craft better.
Juju: I would kill to work with James Murphy and Al Doyle, those boys make beautiful, sweet baby music together.

The songs are very diverse. Can you describe the songwriting process for the band?
Nick: It’s a pretty long and tedious process, but we’re getting a lot better at it. Usually someone will bring an idea to the group and the rest of the group will mold that idea into a song as a group. Everyone writes their own parts and we write the songs as a group.

Are you guys planning on doing a US tour for this album? Or maybe abroad?
Nick: We are planning on doing some touring for the album in the spring, but probably just within the US. If we get the opportunity to, we’d love to do some touring outside of the country!

What is Air Dubai’s goal or mission?
Jon: I want to continue making music, I also hope that the music we make will allow us to meet people and have experiences that keep us inspired.
Juju: Kidz Bop.

Thank you Nick, Julian, Jon, Lawrence, Michael, Taylor & Wesley for the interview.

Air Dubai: Restless Youth.mp3
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