Adrian Younge :: I am Vinyl


The, in my opinion, super producer, Adrian Younge, finally stopped by in Amsterdam again. Two years ago I wanted to do an interview but it didn’t happen. This time I got the chance to sit with him and pick his brain about all kind of things. And this conversation really gives a lot of insight about who the person behind the musician is. Adrian talks about how sports serve as a format to continue your progression, he explains how vinyl represents “him” and what timeless music is to him. He puts Justin Bieber and Vanilla Ice in one sentence, talks about the term “going back to Africa” and how fashion should represent who you are. He thinks Iron Man is cooler than the Hulk, doesn’t like the concept of Funk nor deep sea diving. After I got to know so much about him already, he leaves me with a great quote that he lives by, which to me, really shows why he is this successful. I actually should apply it myself as well. This may have been one of the most informative interviews I have done so far. It truly was a pleasure finding out what makes this talented man tick.